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How did you come up with the name Resistant Culture?

> Our band is rooted in the spirit of indigenous resistance, any personwho as come from a culture that has been colonized by civilization canunderstand that just to survive as a culture is a deep form ofresistance.>

Tell us about the band? line up?short biography.

> Kat guits Rez vox Rafa bass Ben drums our bio you can find here, feel free to excerpt whatever you want. >

Musical influences?

tribal grindcrust with native american traditional chanting, flute, andgourd mixed with Doom, Discharge, Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Ministry,etc. >

Do you have other bands asides Resistant Culture? thats our ambient/ethereal/industrial/goth band>

tell us about your sound? lyrics? what do you stand for?

The sound is mixture of punk, metal, and tribal. the lyrics are attemptsto spread messages of peace, love, and respect for the earth, indigenouspeople, and all relations. >

Can you tell us about ur political ideas?

we believe in autonomy for all life. we don't espouse any one nation orideology.>

Can you tell us about your anarchist idea?

we believe that nature is the only legitimate power. the essence of natureis anarchic and resists attempts to reduce its complexity under the ruleof one person, culture, species, etc.>

What can you say about the anarchist of today?

We hope that people connect their beliefs with the earth.

What can you say about the undergroundmusic scene today?your local> scene?

we love our brothers and sisters in the so cal community very much, andall the folks we've met on tour and through the internet. we hope thescenes are replaced by communities. > >

What can you say about Political and lifestyle anarchist?

> There are too many labels that obscure the primal nature of struggle forliberation.> >
What can you say about the anarchist idea and practices in the> firstworld? do you think it is neccessary to practice it ALL(or so> called total anarchy,)> in the third world, where prices of food> and stuffs are to high, and so plenty of places to squat and scab? where> the government was to strict,dominant,etc.>

We believe that in countries like the U.S. where we have the privilege toexpress dissenting views more than in many parts of the world, and wherewe have more access to technology and resources, its important to do asmuch as we can and not be lazy just because its easy to be comfortable. >

If equality,freedom, unity and peace succeed or anarchy succeed, are you> guys gonna still play or listen,> crustcore?punk? or any socio-political band?,revolutionary Music?

Just like energy, anarchy can't becreated or destroyed, just hidden with illusions or totally visible. itlives in the hearts of all political prisoners, all caged animals, allchildren, etc. We'll always enjoy this style of music, and it will alwaysbe used to clear the illusions and bring forth the the spirit of equality,freedom, unity, etc. > >

What can you say about W.T.O.?

Its a major cause of environmental and social injustice throughout theworld. It's like a planetary drug pusher, getting poor nations hooked onindustry. >
Can you tell us about your album? discography?

> The new album is Welcome to Reality, it has 16 tracks of tribal grindcrust.
We'll be releasing another cd later this year called All OneStruggle. >

anything to promote?

please help spread the link to our myspace page, that's the best way forpeople work with us to build a community worldwide. > For band info contact address?email? no.?>>


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