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How did you come up with the name Alternate system?Why?

Daniel-Xavier(Lead Vox) Came up with it one day when we we're practicing. Dont know why? haha
Xavier-In todays represive system I belive we should have another option of unity in the world. We're split between left wing and right wing, democrats and liberals, pro war,pascifism. An Alternate System. Something to cut through the bullshit of everyday conservatives.. But that's just me...
Ricky -humm you know i dont know why its called alternate system actually i wasent in the band when thay had came up with that name so i dont really know

Tell us about the band? line up? short biography.

Daniel-Ok..We're a 6 piece D beat band from Southern California. Our musical influences are:Wolfpack,Skitsystem,Discharge,Disclose,Anti Cimex and all that great stuff.
On Guitar we have: IvanLead guitar/Back up Vox:RickyDrums(Dbeat)-DanielAdam-VocalsXavier-VocalsJavie-Bass
Ricky-humm ive been in the band for about 3 years now well almost 3 years im loveing it weve got 2 play with some awsome bands aghast CROW scarred for life just some awsome amazing bands

Hows Orange County scene?

Daniel-Some of it is good,but not many people listen to Crust/D beat down here, But thankfully we're making it grow,spreading this loud fucking noise.
Ricky - humm its pretty good in some parts where i live the most i see of other punks is like ones that are down on the weekends waiting for a bus to go to the showcase in corona but shit im never home here so i dont see many people in genaral

Musical influences?

Daniel-My musical influences are: Wolfpack,Skit System,Discharge,ALL JAPANESE CRUST/HARDCORE. Swedish D beat,Crust..Finnish Hardcore...Thrash Metal,A little of Powerviolence,A little of Grindcore.. Etc.. D beat beats them ALL.
Ricky - O man i have got a lot it spans from old amrican hardcore to the new hardcore (atreyu bleeding throught )stuff that every punk out there hates just about lolhumms lots and lots of d beat i know more bands than i could name but i would say bands like discharge and wolfpack are a big reason i started to really really play and everything but i got a huge range of stuff i like from like i said suicide silence to johnny cash to drop/dead and discharge lots and lots.
Ivan-mostly death,thrash metal and a lotta fucking d beat

Do you have other bands asides Alternate system?

Daniel-Right now i just started a new project it's a Trash Metal band.. Ivan is also in it doing Vocals..
Ivan-Death/Thrash Metal band
Ricky - humm not right now im looking to start one but for now i think im happy just where i am

Most of Lyrics about?

Daniel-Our lyrics are very Discharge inspired. You know all that good stuffa bout War,Death,Reality,Destruction etc... I've written a couple of songs for this band but as of right now we have only kept two and those two songs are in Spanish. They both talk about the struggle of people that live in the Thirdwolrd how hard it is for them to success and ot survive in this world.
Ricky - lots of the lyrics are about war and the many "deadly" or sad things that come from it i guess you could say humm and some political stand points as well.

tell us about your sound? Lyrics? What do you stand for?

Daniel-Fast fucking D beat ready to make you bleed from your fucking ears!! We=Loud fucking D beat =).
Ricky - like a chain sliceing into your face ahhaha i wish still looking for that golden tone so till then my sound will change . i really like to write my music with the sounds of like wolfpack or disclose in mind reallys helps..Lyrics i wrote a few back when we first started up agian and i had joined but sence then very few have been my doing lyric wish. i came up with a very war is over but starting up agian kinda song and one thats more horror kinda based both from what the guys tell me sounds good. I stand for what is right to me i dont have a very stand up and fuck you approch to things if it dont fly with me . im very kick back very nice guys even thou most people think im a fucking prick well becouse YOU DONT TALK TO ME!but im very relaxed till i get angry and all the band mates know that lol set dont fly i get pissed

What can you say about the undergroundmusic scene today?your local scene?

Daniel-Underground music scene, Lets see NONE if it would be underground they would NOT be on myspace. That's what i think...Our local scene:Very fucking veried we have from Emo kids to kids that like D beat. But down here in Orange County,California theres like what 20 kids that like D beat? The rest is more like Metal,Emo,Hardcore,Grindcore,etc..etc..
Ivan- the underground music scene is mostly dead all there is today is just "scenes" so fuck em .
Ricky - O wow it has grown o man has it ever once we started playing agian and started getting into the groove of things many many more bands started to pop up (not saying it was are doing in ne way) but it has grown so much sence 3 years ago so many more people from your area 2 check out and more and more by the day.

Can you tell us about your political ideas?

Daniel-You can definetly read them on our lyrics. They will make you think!
Ricky - i dont take a side on eather in this place i dont think war is right but shit what can i one lonly punk do going up agianst a president and his boys peace i wish it would happen but i dont think it will couse with all the things going on in the world there is always one more thing to protest about and stand up for which leaves little if ne time for peace.
Counter culture or Sub culture?

Daniel-Sub Culture..
Ricky-sub i mean shit i am on a computer so i cant be to much against it right? there is stuff that i dont agree to yeah but not far enought to say i am complete counter

Tell us about/define


Daniel-It's possible but will only last a short time.
Ricky - like i said dont think it will happen to much for us to take a stand against


Daniel-Same as above
Ricky - cost a buckOfive once agian freedom aint free as sad as it is but there is some to the extent that we still have a freedom to say what we want to a extent makeing most of the punk culture possiable if we dident have it punk would indeed be dead


Daniel-Always possible! Just put your mind into it. Nothing is impossible.
Ricky - i belive everyone has them and should keep them dreams are your reason to live if you dont have ne... your that new kid on the news that killed him self couse he was 2 depressed


Daniel-Changed my life, and i love it. Nothing can make me stop listening to this fuckn Noise haha.
Ricky - hummm its punk shit i like it that good enought for you ?


Daniel-FUCK DRUGS,never done them,never will.
Ricky - ive done them not my thing
Ivan- Cant live without them!


Daniel-Never done it..Not against it,but not for it. At least it's something out of Nature so im 80% for it 20% against it =).
Ivan- best thing in the entire world
Ricky - hey its a fucking drug i dont care what you say and it gives me a head ache lol
Daniel-GIVE ME MORE!!!!
Ricky - wanna like send me some i mean that would be cool im a bud man
Ivan- not better than marijuanaLOVE?
Daniel-Hm....have'nt had Actual love for someone other then friends..But from what i see my friends go through it must suck!!! But it also has it's benefits.
Ricky - been there done that its awsome if you got the right girl i love you puta mal cojida and you know who you are


Daniel-Got three:Two brother's and a sister. Hhahaha nah well i dont got any animals.. I eat meat but i respect animals i wouldnt hurt one.
Ivan- i eat them and wear them
Ricky - love them got a dog's and cat's love them... dont eat much meat at all thou


Ivan- animals
Ricky - yummm pass me a pizza and im a happy mother fucker

Us Government?

Daniel-Fuck the U.S Government.. But like Ricky said below me This government really does give more freedoms then other fucked up countries.But still FUCK THIS GOVERNMENT.
Ricky - lame but we do have some great amount of freedom still

What can you say about George W. Bush?

Daniel-Fuck him,Dumb piece of shit.
Ricky - humm fuck head

What can you say about W.T.O.(World Trade Organization).?

Daniel-Hmmmm let's see.. I dont really know much about it other then that they help producers of goods and services, exporters, and importers conduct their business, and that they have violated many Human Rights..So i guess for that FUCK W.T.O
Ricky - humm i dont know much about that sorry but i guess i could read up about it and tell you later ;)

Can you tell us about your album? discography?

Daniel-Ok here we go...Demo 2005-5 tracks of D beatDemo 2006-8 tracks of even LOUDER D BEAT!Release in Progress are:ANFO/ALTERNATE SYSTEM 7" SPLIT S/T20 TRACK CD BY CONTAGIUM RECORDS.The new recordings we just finished for the Anfo split sound fucking amazing. Loud Distorted Fucking D beat out of Southern California.. 4 Tracks..2 titles in English 2 in Spanish.
Ricky - its fucking great wish i coulda sang some but i wasnet there like allways when the vocals are layed down lol but you should get it its awsome sounds great

anything to promote?

Daniel-Anfo/Alternate System S/T 7" Split. more info in
Ricky - humm buy the new record its going 2 be awsome awsome awsome humm o yeah check out my friends bands Medic AND Dead/Meat great stuff

Any lastwords to say?

Daniel-Disbeat till Deafness!!!! And thanks to All of you who have supported us for these past 3 years. Really you guys are awesome,if it wasn't for you guys this band wouldve never actually played a damm show. And thank you for interviewing us. I hope People in your town like us Maybe we can go over there sometime in the near future. Good luck to you and everyone who runs this Fanzine!!!
Ricky - hummm if i knew i had to studie for this i porbly would have lol but yeah i did the best i could you dont agree with me thats tuff and to FUCKING BAD i dont get in your shit so dont jump on mine thanks it was fucking awsome answering these for you hope you all get this o yeha wanna thank my mom for haveing me and supporting me thats it leave me alone.


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